Star Wars Library

I went to see The Last Jedi yesterday, and was surprised that libraries and archives are such a strong theme. Director Rian Johnson may have been thinking about some of the same things as us, maybe he should come and do a residency at the Frontyard library. The surprise is obviously because I haven’t kept … More Star Wars Library

Indonesia Community and Activist Library (ICAL)

We didn’t get a chance to visit yet, but we are keenly watching a new library take shape near Yogyakarta, the ‘Indonesia Community and Activist Library (ICAL)’. I know about this library from Max Lane, who did a fabulous job raising money to get it started. Dr Lane is a well-known writer on Indonesian and … More Indonesia Community and Activist Library (ICAL)

Hello KawanIVAA

Luke and I joined IVAA. Lifetime membership=USD15 Thank you for registering as KawanIVAA member. By registering you have helped us in improving IVAA public service quality. KawanIVAA membership is without expiration period. The facilities you receive from being a member is assistances in finding library or archive collection. By becoming a KawanIVAA (friend of IVAA) … More Hello KawanIVAA


This trip we didn’t have the opportunity to go to Bandung, which is a shame because we missed out on visiting Kineruku, (previously Rumah Buku), an important community library begun by Ariani Darmawan in 2003. There is an impressive collection of more than 4000 book titles, 1000 music CDs dan 1000 films. Everyone is welcome … More Kineruku

SAKI, Kali Code Kampung

Last Thursday, the 14th, we visited Anang and the mobile [Saki library at Kali Code Kampung by the river in Yogyakarta]. SAKI is Sangar Anak Kampung Indonesia. (,110.368896,260m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en). As I understood it from Anang, the kampung has quite a transient population. People move into the kampung because of it’s close to a big nearby mall … More SAKI, Kali Code Kampung


We visited LifePatch on 14 December. Although they have a small shared book collection, libraries are not part of their core activity, but we were interested in their approach to sharing knowledge and their DIY attitude, and the ways they are generating and using data. We also really liked their wiki because it is such an … More LifePatch