Visiting the Indonesian Visual Arts Archive

We visited the Indonesian Visual Arts Archive (IVAA) in Yogyakarta on Monday (2017-12-11). We just had time to do a brief interview with Melissa, Santosa, and another staff member (sorry! I missed that name :S). It’s a big, open space with high ceilings, specifically designed for this collection. There’s a glass dividing window between the … More Visiting the Indonesian Visual Arts Archive

Perpustakaan Perjalanan DIY: Yogyakarta Street Library

Last night we went to a gig at Kedai Kebun and briefly connected with the folks who organise Food Not Bombs and the Yogya Street Library. Very inspiring anarchists who are providing free food and lending books every Friday in central Yogyakarta. If you can read some Indonesian, there is a great post about them … More Perpustakaan Perjalanan DIY: Yogyakarta Street Library

Obtain a yield

Yesterday we visited Omah Lor Wellness Center, a permaculture farm, educational facility, and library under construction outside of Yogyakarta. Bebe and Dwi demonstrated how they were designing gardens, facilities, and businesses using permaculture principles and older ideas that they later found to align with these principles. On the way back, we talked more about permaculture … More Obtain a yield

A National Tangent

       We visited the new National Library while we were in Jakarta. It opened in September and at 24 storeys is the tallest library in the world. We got a great tour, even to the executive suite that overlooks MoNas, the Presidential Palace, the Pertamina Building and all the other wonders of Modern … More A National Tangent

Milas Library

Walking through the back streets of Yogyakarta, after a jahe (ginger tea) at the angkringan (cafe on wheels), we stumbled across Milas this evening and I was reminded that there is a small, no-shoes library there, nestled in the back of a shop that sells fair trade and upcycled items made by local designers and craftspeople as … More Milas Library