Hello KawanIVAA

Luke and I joined IVAA. Lifetime membership=USD15

Thank you for registering as KawanIVAA member. By registering you have helped us in improving IVAA public service quality. KawanIVAA membership is without expiration period. The facilities you receive from being a member is assistances in finding library or archive collection.

By becoming a KawanIVAA (friend of IVAA) we can now borrow 2 items from the collection for 1 week. at a time.

We also have access to better archive quality items from the digital collection, if they are available. For example, higher image resolution, or a complete video duration.  

We are thinking about membership systems and one issue that has come up for us is privacy. To join IVAA we provided names, addresses, phone numbers, passport/ID numbers, and we are not sure exactly why this data is necessary or how it is stored.

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