This trip we didn’t have the opportunity to go to Bandung, which is a shame because we missed out on visiting Kineruku, (previously Rumah Buku), an important community library begun by Ariani Darmawan in 2003. There is an impressive collection of more than 4000 book titles, 1000 music CDs dan 1000 films. Everyone is welcome … More Kineruku

SAKI, Kali Code Kampung

Last Thursday, the 14th, we visited Anang and the mobile [Saki library at Kali Code Kampung by the river in Yogyakarta]. SAKI is Sangar Anak Kampung Indonesia. (,110.368896,260m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en). As I understood it from Anang, the kampung has quite a transient population. People move into the kampung because of it’s close to a big nearby mall … More SAKI, Kali Code Kampung


We visited LifePatch on 14 December. Although they have a small shared book collection, libraries are not part of their core activity, but we were interested in their approach to sharing knowledge and their DIY attitude, and the ways they are generating and using data. We also really liked their wiki because it is such an … More LifePatch

Gram and links from C2O discussion

On Monday evening, Ali and I gave a presentation about the Frontyard library and this research trip at C2O library. C20 did a great Instagram post summarising the discussion: Diskusi bersama Frontyard Library (@frontyardorg) kemarin malam. Ruang kolektif yang mengelola perpustakaan, program residensi, kebun belakang, dan berupaya mengembangkan sistem nilai ekonomi dengan landasan prinsip … More Gram and links from C2O discussion

Visiting the Indonesian Visual Arts Archive

We visited the Indonesian Visual Arts Archive (IVAA) in Yogyakarta on Monday (2017-12-11). We just had time to do a brief interview with Melissa, Santosa, and another staff member (sorry! I missed that name :S). It’s a big, open space with high ceilings, specifically designed for this collection. There’s a glass dividing window between the … More Visiting the Indonesian Visual Arts Archive

Perpustakaan Perjalanan DIY: Yogyakarta Street Library

Last night we went to a gig at Kedai Kebun and briefly connected with the folks who organise Food Not Bombs and the Yogya Street Library. Very inspiring anarchists who are providing free food and lending books every Friday in central Yogyakarta. If you can read some Indonesian, there is a great post about them … More Perpustakaan Perjalanan DIY: Yogyakarta Street Library