Andrew Budiman talks about design in Surabaya

Last year I interviewed Andriew Budiman about Design Collaboration in Surabaya for Garland Magazine. He spoke eloquently about the Surabaya Design Summit.

Design is also empathy, context appropriation, make sense, collaborative-interdisciplinary work, progressive and accessible archiving, redrawing ecosystems, inclusive participation, questioning tyranny, building the net that works, and balancing local-global relations.

The date of the event got pushed back, and it is now happening in May! and we are going to be there.

Surabaya Design Summit 2018
10-12 May 2018

Previously (held annually in 2011-2015)
Design It Yourself Surabaya (DIYSUB).

instagram: @surabayadesignsummit
twitter: @subdesignsummit

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