Aris Prabawa


Aris Prabawa, is an artist and musician living and working in Lismore and Yogyakarta. Aris studied Fine Arts at the Indonesian Institute of Art, majoring in print making. In 1996 he start playing in punk band Black Boots. In 1998 he was involved in establishing the art collective Taring Padi. In 2002 move to Australia, continued study a Diploma of Fine Arts TAFE 2004-2007. His art deals with social and political issues within the context of place. The process of making art allows him to explore and deepen his understanding of different cultures and different ways in which people survive and enjoy life in this world. Aris is leading the workshop program at Peacock Gallery for the exhibition ‘Indonesian Design Emerging’.

Gilbert Grace


Gilbert Grace is a practising artist from Sydney, Australia. A trained fine art painter, he is passionate about bicycles, a proven solution to global and personal health and welfare. Gilbert has recently completed the MFA course in painting at the beseiged Sydney College of the Arts. A keen observer of trends in environmental issues Gilbert has focussed on encouraging active transport, interdependence and interpersonal networks, emersion in space and place, and participation in the arts as a means of increasing resilience. Gilbert is a founding member of BIKESydney, ARTcycle Inc, and Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation. Gilbert is currently engaged in the Hemp Initiative, the inaugural land art residency for KSCA.

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Tasman Munro


Tasman Munro is a Social Designer in Sydney, who’s worked in a broad range of areas. Past projects have explored healthy housing in remote communities, inclusive design in UK healthcare, woodworking with refugee communities and co-designing education facilities within maximum security prison. A degree in Industrial Design and a passion for illustration and woodworking  contribute to his creative and varied approach to community engagement.
Tasman is currently working at Designing Out Crime, lecturing at The University of Technology Sydney, assisting to run a creative space in Marrickville and undertaking a PhD in shifting community narratives within Social Design practice.

Clare Cooper


Clare Cooper has been an active member of the Australian arts community since she co-founded the NOW now festival and experimental music series 16 years ago. She is an improviser and researcher concerned with community, collaboration, context, improvisation and design. In addition to the NOW now events, Clare also co-founded Splinter Orchestra (Sydney), Splitter Orchester (Berlin), Smack/Bang Live Film Soundtracks Festival, Hammeriver ensemble and most recently, **Frontyard** the only dedicated community futuring space in the southern hemisphere.

Clare is currently undertaking PhD research at Macquarie University and has presented hundreds of solo and collaborative projects spanning sound, improvisation, film, print, dance and theatre in 14 countries over the past 16 years. As a musician, she’s ferocious with strings and sticks, her sound inspired by synthesizers and birdsong. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

Connect with Clare:

Website – Gutstring

Website – Frontyard Projects

Website – The Now Now

Kirsten Bradley


Kirsten Bradley is a grower, educator, designer, writer and activator whose work focusses on permaculture. Following an early career as a musician and visual artist, Kirsten established Milkwood in 2007 with her husband Nick Ritar.

Milkwood’s focus since that time has been on regenerative agriculture and permaculture design education, to enable communities to design resilient futures and local food systems, from the home scale upwards. In Kirsten’s spare time, she pickles whatever she can get her hands on or goes exploring and foraging with Nick and her 7 year old, Ashar.

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Website – Milkwood Permaculture

Instagram – @milkwood_permaculture

Will Scott Kemmis


Will Scott Kemmis is a designer and facilitator who has been working on complex social problems for the past five years. An industrial designer by training, his interest in the context and systems in which design exists drove him into design philosophy, social innovation, and the practice of service and system design. From the safety and security of people in public protests, to the mental health of children and families in Western Sydney, his work focuses on bringing people together to reframe problems and collaboratively design solutions.

Will is currently working at Second Road, a strategic innovation consultancy based in Sydney.

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Website – Second Road

Sulaeman Akbar (Bebe)



Bebe, ex-Secretary General of Taring Padi Foundation in Yogyakarta, holds two degrees in art and the history of Indonesian literature. In the past few years, he has preferred to work with what he feels as the most important medium of all: nature. Bebe, his wife and their three chaotic kids currently live and work with local farmers in an organic farming learning centre, Kebun Setaman Pejeng.

In 2001 Bebe was introduced by a member of Taring Padi to the principles and ethics of permaculture in Kampung Asri, Gampingan No. 1, Jogjakarta. His interest in permaculture, organic urban gardening and food security became more serious in 2008 while he was living in Kuala Lumpur. In 2014, Bebe and his wife, Ili Farhana, started #SEKAM (Sekolah Kebun Akhir Minggu – literally “Weekend Garden School”) an initiative program teaching basic education to kids regarding healthy soils and growing your own food as a responsive act addressing food security. The project tackles a current lack of knowledge amongst young people in their neighbourhood, about growing food.

Connect with Bebe:

Website – Lite Bali

Facebook – Kebun Setaman Pejeng

Website – Kebun Setaman Pejeng

Ili Farhana


Photo Credit: Intan Rafiza

Ili Farhana graduated in 2003 after majoring in Fine Arts, from the Universiti institute Technology  Mara (UiTM) . After graduating she has actively been involved in organizing independent art programs and art festivals. As an active independent researcher and writer, Ili also has experience working in the issues of human rights and women rights.

Ili is the co-founder of Pusat Sekitar Seni (PSS) in Padang Jawa, Klang, Malaysia, a community based space that promotes creative art activism and collectivism in community. She is also the co-founder of Sekolah Kebun Akhir Minggu (SEKAM – Weekend Garden School),  an independent citizen initiative to provide a basic education on gardening and life skills, by using creative gardening methods combined with permaculture principles and ethics.

A busy mother of 3, Ili has a passion about growing food, permaculture and argoecology -especially around the issue of how community gardening can improve a community’s livelihood and contribute toward sustainable living. Ili is currently part of Lite Bali Institute’s working team and also dedicates her skills in growing food to the running of Kebun Setaman Pejeng.

Connect with Ili:

Website – Kebun Setaman Pejeng

Facebook – Kebun Setaman Pejeng

Instagram – @kspejeng

Website – Lite Bali

Personal Blog – Pohon Bintang

Facebook – Ili Farhana

Singgih Susilo Kartono


Singgih Susilo Kartono is the owner, head designer and founder of Piranti Works, the company behind the iconic Ikono Magno wooden radio. Singgih graduated from Product Design at the Faculty of Art & Design, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung – West Java Indonesia, with a thesis titled “Design of Radio Receivers in the Concept of Indonesian Handicraft Industry.”

Fast forward a few years and it goes without saying that Singgih’s most recognisable work is his Magno Wooden Radio that won the 2009 Brit Insurance Design awards in the product design category, which places the design on the same level of acclaim as Jonathan Ive’s first iPod design.  The Magno workshop and production facility is located in his home village of Kandangan in Central Java, Indonesia, where Singgih and his wife Tri Wahyuni train and employ craftsmen and craftswomen from the village.

All of Singgih’s designs under the Magno brand focus on small, practical items and are made almost entirely from locally-grown wood such as pine and rosewood. For every tree used, Singgih replants saplings within the local tree nursery.

Singgih Kartono is widely regarded as a credible creative proponent of eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable design. More recently, he has been focussing his energy and resources on Spedagi village revitalisation project, with the design of Indonesia’s first bamboo bicycle at the core of the design movement, and other successful spin-off projects such as a series of eco-friendly homestay locations under the Spedagi banner, hosting a bi-annual International Conference on Village Revitalisation, and Pasar Papringan, a sustainable market situated in a village bamboo grove held every 35 days (selapan) according to the local Javanese calender.

Connect with Singgih:

Facebook – Spedagi

Facebook – Pasar Papringan

Website – Magno Radio

Instagram – @singgihskartono

Tri Wahyuni


Tri Wahyuni wears many hats. A graduate of Communication from the Universitas Diponegoro, Semarang, Indonesia, she co-founded, co-owns and manages Piranti Works / Magno along with her husband Singgih Susilo Kartono in the village of Kandangan, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. Tri is the quiet strength, the backbone if you like, of Piranti Works, and she keeps the daily activities of the business and factory flowing, with her official titles of Production Manager and Head of Quality Control. Before Piranti Works, she was a radio announcer at KLCBS FM, Bandung.

Connect with Tri:

Website – Magno Radio

Facebook – Spedagi

Facebook – Pasar Papringan

Facebook – Tri Wahyuni

Rudy Ardianto


Rudy Ardianto is a visual artist, creative director, graphic designer & illustrator who lives and works between Java and Sydney. Born in Indonesia, Rudy first came to Sydney in 1996, where he studied Graphic Design at Enmore Design Centre and began his long involvement with Sydney based artist run spaces and community arts projects.

Rudy moved back to his hometown of Salatiga in Central Java in 2006 and became a founding member and director of Komunitas TUK (‘Tanam Untuk Kehidupan’- Planting for Life), an environmentally focused artist community which ran a vibrant local environmental campaign through ART. Rudy worked as Creative Director of TUK’s annual Festival Mata Air (Festival of Water) for 4 years and during this time the festival grew to become an international platform for collaboration and exchange between a wide range of art communities, musicians, environmentalists and local residents.

Since then, straddled between both Australia and Indonesia, Rudy has been a passionate campaigner for sustainable livelihoods, social change and community empowerment, infusing all his creative work with these principles. Recent projects include Sapu Upcycle, making use of unwanted waste materials such as tyre inner tubes to create new designed objects, and a re-birthing of the Festival Mata Air in early 2016.

Rudy designed the logo for Indonesian Australian Design Futures.

Connect with Rudy:

Website – Festival Mata Air

Website – GrakkArt

Website – Sapu Upcycle

Jessica Lea Dunn


Photo credit: Alphonsus Fok, Three Two One Photography

Jessica Lea Dunn is a Sydney based designer with a passion for Indonesia and socially responsible design. She was briefly famous when her graduating project, a folding motorcycle helmet easily carried in a backpack inspired by her time in Indonesia, went viral online (and blew up Kaskus). Her other Indonesia-themed projects include creating playground equipment and dining hall furniture for Olifant preschool in Yogyakarta, and designing bags and accessories from recycled plastic packaging for XSProject in Jakarta.

More recently, she has partnered with Alexandra Crosby to bring third year design students from the University of Technology Sydney on an annual Global Studio to Indonesia to learn about culture, context, alternative design definitions, design thinking and to collaboratively work on projects that attempt to solve important design problems within the community.

In her multiple other lives, she is also a mama of one busy bee, a product development design engineer in the medical products industry, and a social media superstar with over 2 million followers across various platforms (mainly Pinterest).

Connect with Jess:

Website – Jessica Lea Dunn

Pinterest – @jessdunnthis

Instagram – @jessdunnthis

Alexandra Crosby

Photo credit: Joanne Saad, UTS Newsroom

Alexandra Crosby is a designer, researcher, writer and interdisciplinary artist who focuses on south-east Asia, particularly Indonesia. She lectures in Interdisciplinary Design in the School of Design at University of Technology Sydney. She is part of the research studio Mapping Edges, working in transition zones between ecosystems, interfaces between mediums, and projects and processes on margins (#mappingedges).

Alexandra’s background is in visual communications and the ethnographic methods of International Studies. She develops and uses interdisciplinary research methods, such as hybrid forms of mapping and experimental futuring to understand the complexity of situations and communicate possible futures. These methods can benefit a range of industries. She has mapped urban food production and knowledge share networks as they appear in Australian and Indonesian cities.

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Website – UTS

Alexandra Crosby – Flickr

Instagram – @digitaljalanjalan