Kampung Library at Genteng Candirejo

Behind our hotel in Surabaya there is a kampung that has one awards for ‘Greening the City’. Although it is close, we didn’t know about it until our dear friend and wild walker Anitha Silvia from Surabaya Johnny Walker showed us around. We are eternally grateful for her ongoing deep research into the city of Surabaya. 

There is a good academic article here about the kampung, although I couldn’t find it referenced on google scholar. 

Rika Kisnarini and Happy Ratna Sumartinah. ‘The Inner-City Kampung Development Concept as Sustainable Tourism Area in Surabaya, Indonesia’ International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) Vol. 6 Issue 01, January-2017 Desy Rahmadaniyati, ST Arlita Widyasari, ST

Kampung Candirejo Genteng is near the market (Pasar Genteng). The first impression of this kampung is green and lush and friendly- it has a lot of atmosphere. There are aquaponic systems, trees, airy open spaces, no cars or motorbikes, and kids in the street. There are fruit trees along the street, which are labelled with Indonesian and latin names, as well as uses, and also aquaponic systems that recycle domestic waste water.

This kampung is also known as “Kampung Herbal / Herbal Village” because of its locally processed herbal products and crafts.

At the entrance to this kampung is a community library, mostly for children.

We were most interested in the distributed library in small boxes throughout the kampung, and will be thinking further about designing a distributed system for the Frontyard library.

At Ibu Wiwik Srihayati’s house, we sampled a range of jamu (herbal tonic) made from locally grown plants. Out the front of her house, is a special library box with content relating to herbal medicine.

2017-12-18 12.47.332017-12-18 12.06.27

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