KUNCI Cultural Studies Centre

Today we rode bikes to Kunci, and spoke to the generous Fiky Daulay. The Kunci library has an Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) that can be accessed here, but we need to talk to Acong (the library janitor) more about how it works.

Kunci is a very special place that we felt had a real frontyard affinity.

These are some reasons:

  • there is a gorgeous frontyard
  • this is a research space and a research-focused library
  • they seem to use small and slow solutions (like the addition of post it note categories to the library shelves)
  • its a deeply critical, radically open community space
  • there are plants everywhere
  • it is in a located in a house
  • there are 2 residency rooms
  • there is a risograph printing machine
  • skill sharing and learning together are a focus.



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