Library Project Directory


When we were at IVAA, asking about local library networks, our friends dug this up for us. It looks familiar, so I may have collected one when I lived in Yogya before.

It is a directory of alternative libraries in Yogyakarta in 2005. IVAA hadn’t begun yet, but this booklet was produced by its predecessor the Cemeti Art Foundation library. Milas library is listed although now in a different location. Kunci is there too, which we are visiting in the next few days.

This is what we call ‘ephemera’ at the Frontyard library. Luke wrote about it here. We will take one home and catalogue it and add it to our collection. Luke wants to type it up and I think we can update it digitally once we think about it a bit more and do some more research.

I really love the tattered corners and rusty staples.

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