A National Tangent

2017-12-08 11.10.47.jpg    2017-12-08-11-53-19.jpg2017-12-08 11.20.43.jpg


We visited the new National Library while we were in Jakarta. It opened in September and at 24 storeys is the tallest library in the world. We got a great tour, even to the executive suite that overlooks MoNas, the Presidential Palace, the Pertamina Building and all the other wonders of Modern Indonesia.

We did a quick search in the catalogue, and no Ruru books are in the collection. Hoping they make their way there soon. Taring Padi’s 10 year anniversary book is there though.

On the topic of National Government projects (it’s not our topic, but when it links to our topic, we pay attention), we also found out that in May this year Jokowi introduced a free-book delivery program that allows people to send a package of books up to 10 kilograms for free on the 17th day of each month using the state postal firm PT Pos Indonesia. That’s a good idea.

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