Milas Library

Walking through the back streets of Yogyakarta, after a jahe (ginger tea) at the angkringan (cafe on wheels), we stumbled across Milas this evening and I was reminded that there is a small, no-shoes library there, nestled in the back of a shop that sells fair trade and upcycled items made by local designers and craftspeople as well as locally produced vegan chocolate. We had a look, and there turned out to be a great collection in the library. We found ‘Water For Every Farm’ by Yeomans which we knew our friends Lucas Ilhein and Ian Millis would be pleased about. We also found a great political science section with Jemma Purdy‘s book Kekerasan anti-Tionghoa di Indonesia, 1996-1999.

There is a wonderfully simple cataloguing system, consisting of books numbered under sections by topic and language. There is also a children’s library. Books borrowed are noted in a ledger. The library has over 1200 members.


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