Perpustakaan Art Collective Compound

We spent the afternoon in the library at the Gudang Sarinah Ekosystem, which is the location of the Jakarta Biennale and the offices of our long time friends ruangrupa. We learnt a lot about this library from the generous librarian Indras Oktafia. At the moment, this is a non lending art research library with a collection that has been built up over many years by ruangrupa and the many artists and researchers who have added to it. Ruangrupa also publishes many of its own books, which make up a considerable portion of this library. One of the complications of this library is that each of the groups that are resident at GSE has different needs. Indras explained the network by reaching for a thesis on the shelf. ‘Study Potensi Keberlanjutan “Gudang Sarinah Ekosystem” Sebegai Cultural Creative Cluster’ by Marlin Sunni, provided a great analysis of the context of the library.

As far as library categories, Indras explained that this was a ‘special library’ because of its art focus, which means the design management of its membership and cataloguing system is a unique challenge.

Indras also introduced us to SLiMS which is an open source library manangement system that is used by several independent libraries in Indonesia and Australia. Now that got our attention!

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